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E-Street Electronic Fuel Injection System

TORRANCE, CA (November 2012) - Edelbrock is excited to announce the introduction of their new E-Street Electronic Fuel Injection System and Fuel System Kits.

The E-Street EFI System is intended as an affordable, easy to use, fuel injection solution that can be installed on any V8 engine, originally equipped with a carburetor. The Edelbrock E-Street EFI System includes a pre-assembled throttle body, engine control unit (ECU), 7" touch screen tablet PC, high quality wiring harness, wide band O2 sensor and instructions for a hassle free installation.

The core of the E-Street EFI system is the 7" touch screen tablet PC that comes pre-installed with an easy to use application for system setup. The proprietary E-Tuner application allows the user to setup the system along with the ability to modify the tune to accommodate future engine upgrades. The full feature application is simple to use. It also includes pre-programmed dashboards for monitoring system performance and controlling other vehicle operations while the engine is running. Finally, the tablet PC uses wireless connectivity to communicate with the ECU and can be dash-mounted for ease of viewing while driving with the supplied mounting bracket.

The system also features a fully assembled and pressure tested throttle body with injectors, fuel rails, linkage and sensors. The four-barrel design readily accepts a traditional round air cleaner and can be installed on any intake manifold with a 4150-style flange.

Edelbrock's E-Street EFI system is available in the following options. The first option is the basic E-Street EFI System (#3600), which includes everything needed for installation on a vehicle with an existing EFI compatible fuel system. The second option is system (#3601), which includes the same components as the basic system, plus an Edelbrock Returnless-Style Fuel Kit (#3603) for upgrading an existing carbureted fuel system to a high-pressure EFI capable setup, without the ned for modifying your fuel tank.

Edelbrock also offers two additional fuel delivery options: Return-Style Fuel Kit (#3604) for installations that require a fuel return line and Universal EFI Fuel Reservoir Kit (#3605) for vehicles equipped with a low pressure fuel system.

    Features Include:
  • Ready to run right-out-of-the-box
  • Installs in half a day with basic hand tools
  • Self-learning system builds the ideal tune for the engine
  • Compatible with popular ignition systems and distributors
  • Wireless connectivity between the ECU and the tablet PC
  • Capable of working with large, high overlap camshafts with low vacuum
  • Three fuel system kits available: Returnless-Style Fuel Kit (#3603), Return-Style Fuel Kit (#3604) and Universal EFI Fuel Reservoir Kit (#3605)
  • Designed, cast, machined and assembled in the USA for guaranteed quality and performance

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