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Now Available... Edelbrock Super Victor II Intake Manifolds for
Big-Block Chevrolet Race Engines with Rectangular Port Heads

Torrance, CA - {March 15, 2012}
Edelbrock is now shipping Super Victor II intake manifold (#2896) for large displacement big-block Chevy competition applications.

Edelbrock Super Victor II intake manifold (#2896) is a new single-plane intake manifold designed for use with large cubic inch big-block Chevrolet competition engines using the latest in rectangular port cylinder head designs. Its ideal for any 1,000+ horsepower drag race standard-deck (9.8") engine with high air flow demands. It also features an extra large carburetor outer flange with a 5" x 5" opening for high flow carburetors and throttle stop applications.

This intake manifold also utilizes new modern casting techniques to create smooth, thin and extended divider walls for optimal "out of the box" performance. This also allows for an improved runner design, resulting in 5.0 square-inches of runner area in the plenum. In recent testing, on and off the track, this intake manifold has delivered 25+ horsepower gains over similar designs from other manufacturers.

Three additional versions are also available; (#2895) features thicker flanges resulting in an 0.080" increase in port exit height over standard designs, (#2898) has been machined to increases the port exits by 0.250" for raised port cylinder heads and finally (#2897) is available with the same features for tall-deck (10.2") applications and some high runner standard deck applications as well. Both (#2897) and (#2898) feature a 5.38 square-inches of runner area at the plenum.

Features Include:
  • Ideal for any 1,000+ horsepower drag race engines with high air flow requirements
  • Designed with an extra large carburetor flange for high flow carburetors and throttle stop applications
  • Features a modern casting technique with smooth, thin, extended divider walls for "out of the box" performance
  • Made in USA for absolute quality and performance
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