Edelbrock Racing News and Racer Profiles

Location: Santa Ana, CA
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock Nitrous system, QwikData 2
Bio: Boat- 19 Foot Carbon Graphite Eliminator Daytona Hull that runs the NJBA and Lucas Oil Unblown Fuel Jet and Pro Eliminator Classes. Engine- 565 C.I pro stock style Chevrolet, 12 degree heads and Tunnel Ram Intake Manifold, Dry Sump Oiling System, Edelbrock Nitrous System and Edelbrock Quikdata2 Data Logger.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: Torrance, CA
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock #7501 Manifold, Edelbrock #60899 Cylinder Heads, Edelbrock #7102 Camshaft
Bio: This truck is raced in a spec road race series sponsored by NASA (North American Autosport Association). All trucks have spec tires, rims, shocks, chassis, transmission and rear end gears. All motors are chevy 350 ZZ4 style with Edelbrock top end kits and Holley 390HP carburetor. The over all weight is 2600 lbs and they will do just under 150mph. I have raced in this class since 2003 and was 2nd place points series position in 2007 and 2008. I was 2nd place in the Mid Ohio NASA National Championships in 2011. I have also raced this type of truck twice in the 25hr at Thunderhill endurance race and finished 2nd (only american made vehicle to finish on the podium) in 2010.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: Acton, CA
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock Victor Heads, Super Victor Intake, Direct port Nitrous system w/E3 nozzles, Nitrous Progressive Controller, Russell Plumbing
Bio: Scott is Sheriff for the L.A.S.D., heavily involved with the "TOP COPS" racing events and any "police" relating car shows & charities. Races in the west coast hot rod series, mopars at the strip and NMCA west racing events.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: Hardford, SD
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock Glidden/Victor II heads
Bio: 410 Small block Ford motor, Races world of outlaws, one of the only few Ford powered sprint cars.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock Big Victor Spread Port 18 degree Cylinder Heads, Edelbrock Big Victor Spread Port EFI Intake Manifold, Edelbrock Sportsman Pro-Flo EFI unit, Russell Plumbing
Bio: Shane began his racing career back in 2002 When he drove for, Gregg Suyenaga. Racing an Injected Alcohol Dragster the Duo had great success in their first two years together capturing a #1 qualifier award, an NHRA divisional event Win and two Top 10 Season finishes. Shane then went on to compete in his own dragster with moderate success. After a recent hiatus from racing Shane decided to step up his program with several Edelbrock and Russell, Made in the U.S.A. products and is looking for great things in 2013.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: Downey, CA
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock Big Victor Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifold, Edelbrock Direct port Nitrous System, Edelbrock nitrous bottles and QwikData 2
Bio: Del is an ex IHRA Top Fuel, division 7 Top Dragster Champion. He has a 2 car team where he & his wife (Leah) cars are equipped with Edelbrock nitrous systems. One of the cars is also equipped with our Big Victor II intake (as noted in the new race only catalog) and soon to have the heads as well. He still uses the Victor headers on both cars. Next year Del hopes to run better then he has ever before utilizing more Edelbrock racing products.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock Big Victor Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifold, Edelbrock Direct port Nitrous System, Edelbrock nitrous bottles and QwikData 2
Bio: Jordan Woods and Team B1 Racing are quickly becoming a force to reckon with on the NJBA circuit. With the support of proven made in USA Edelbrock racing parts, the boat is reaching speeds a single carbureted jet boat rarely see's. The boat is made out of carbon fiber and also has the latest racing technology within the engine by using Edelbrock cylinder heads, intake manifold, nitrous and Qwik Data 2. Look for this boat in the winners circle at the next NJBA event.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: King, NC
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock XTR EFI ECU
Bio: Rickie Smith has been a dominant force in drag racing for many years. When Rickie was looking to get away from using carburetor's on his pro mod car, he reached out to long time friend Pat Musi and Edelbrock. Rickie saw that Edelbrock XTR EFI had been controlling winning cars such as Pat Mus's for years and decided he wanted in on the action. Evr since Rickie made the switch to use the Edelbrock XTR EFI ECU, he has been extremely happy with the way the engine runs and the car drives down the track. Rickie is looking to take the points championship within the NHRA and ADRL Pro Mod classes.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: El Segundo, CA
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock #8827 Race Water Pump
Bio: COPS Racing is a front running team within the Best In The Desert Class 1 division. They are multiple event winner's including being the 2011 M.O.R.E Freedom 250 overall winner. When the team was having cooling issues with competitors water pumps, they looked to the Edelbrock made in the USA Race water pumps to keep their engine cool under the harsh Off-road racing environments. Since switching over to Edelbrock race water pumps, the engine has never ran cooler and is helping them be more consistent throughout the racing season.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: Mooresville, NC
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock Sportsman EFI ECU & Nitrous
Bio: Lizzy Musi is quickly becoming a dominant force within the ADRL and was recently crowned the 2012 ADRL Rookie of the year. Lizzy and her team trust Edelbrock to control the engine with the Edelbrock Sportsman EFI ECU. They also utilize the Edelbrock made in the USA quality for all of their nitrous needs. Look for this Edelbrock/Musi powered car to be winning races across the country in years to come.
Edelbrock Racer Profile
Location: Lakewood, CA
Edelbrock Parts Installed: Edelbrock 2897 Super Victor II Intake, Edelbrock Victor 24* (Gen II) Cylinder Heads # 614369 prepared by Shaut Racing Heads, Picked Up 4 MPH on The Stop with this new combo first time out and finished Runner-Up
Bio: Matt is a prominent racer within the NHRA Division 7 Super Comp Class. He is a multiple event winner and finished 11th in points within the nation for the 2011 NHRA Super Comp class. He is extremely happy with the Edelbrock intake as the car picked up power and MPH simply by bolting on a proven made in the USA Edelbrock intake manifold. Matt looks forward to continue developing his car and engine combination by adding Edelbrock 24 degree big block Chevy heads for the 2013 season.
Edelbrock Racer Profile