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Edelbrock's new QwikData 2 software has been completely redesigned to offer more features and configurability than most other data systems. The new Windows based software simplifies system configuration, sensor calibrations and data downloads. Downloaded data from the LCU can be quickly displayed on colorful graphs with a variety of tools included in the Analysis software. Data from different runs can be overlaid to evaluate the effects of changes to a vehicle and further insight for improvement. All Edelbrock QwikData 2 Software and Updates are free of charge and available below.
Description File Type Download
QwikData 2® Ver. 1.3 ZIP
Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: Select the setup.exe file and double click it to install software.

On occasion modifications may be made to QwikData 2 Software that only require updating the Executable files in your QwikData 2 Software Directory.
Description File Type Download
Current USB Comms. Executable EXE
Current Config Executable EXE
Current Analysis Executable EXE
USB to Serial Cable Driver ZIP
Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: To update these files Right click on the Executable Icon in the table above and select copy. Paste new Executable in your C:\ Power to Win Directory. When prompted to replace the existing file with this one select YES.

Description File Type Download
Qwikdata 2 Manual PDF
Qwikdata 2 Quick Start Guide PDF
Qwikdata 2 Harness Installation Guide PDF

The Sensor Calibration Library contains all the available Sensor Calibrations for importing during your sensor calibration procedure. As sensors are added to the QwikData 2 inventory this Library File will be updated.
Description File Type Download
QD2 Calibration Library EXCEL
Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: To update this file in your software right click the current Library file in this table and select copy. Paste this file in your C:\ Power To Win \ Libs folder. Select YES when prompted to replace the existing file.

Microsoft Excel must be loaded on your computer for the Import Calibration Function to open in the Configuration program. PDF files of Sensor Calibrations are available below for users without Microsoft Excel, enter these Calibration manually using the Manual ADC Count method.

Description File Type Download
Misc Sensor Calibrations PDF
Pressure Sensor Calibrations PDF
Temperature Sensor Calibrations PDF
Wide Band O2 Sensor Calibrations PDF

Description Part # Download
Map Sensor, -30.5"Hg to 50 PSIG 91148
Adapter Card x4 Thermistor, x8 EGT 91149
LCU Connector Kit 91150
Voltage State Sensor 91165
Ground State Sensor 91166
Adapter Card x4 Thermistor, x8 0-5Volt Analog 91169
Driveshaft Speed Sensor Kit 1.875 I.D High Quality Sensor 91187
Driveshaft Speed Sensor Kit 2.187 I.D High Quality Sensor 91188
LCU Connector Sockets 91189
Driveshaft Speed Sensor Kit 1.875 I.D 91195
Driveshaft Speed Sensor Kit 2.187 I.D 91196
Connector Kit, Basic Harness 91201
Connector Kit, Advanced Harness 91206
Connector Kit, Sensors 91207
Connector, LCU 34 Pin AMP 91219
Connector, LCU 26 Pin AMP 91220
Pressure Sensor, 0-15 PSIG 91280
Pressure Sensor, 0-100 PSIG 91281
Pressure Sensor, 0-500 PSIG 91282
Pressure Sensor, 0-1500 PSIG 91283
Map Sensor, -30.5"Hg to 15 PSIG 91284

Edelbrock Tech Note TECH NOTE: For tech support call the toll-free Edelbrock QwikData Tech Line at 1-800-221-1666 ext. 3021!