Edelbrock Dual-Quad Manifolds For Pontiac

PONTIAC 326-455 V8
Designed for 1965-79 street 326-455 c.i.d. Pontiac V8's (except Ram Air V), this manifold is a direct reproduction of the original Edelbrock Pontiac P-65 intake manifold delivering classic Edelbrock performance from off-idle to 5500 rpm. Bosses at the rear of the manifold accommodate brake booster, accessory bracket and throttle linkage. The flanges match the ports on the Edelbrock Performer RPM Pontiac heads for proven performance. Use with Performer-Plus cam #2157 for low-end torque or Torker-Plus cam #5057 for top-end power. Not for HEI distributors. Carb center to carb center: 6-7/16".
Pontiac Dual-Quad Intake Manifolds by Edelbrock
Application Dyno Emissions Satin Polished
Pontiac P-65 (non-EGR) - 5450 54501 †
Dual-Quad Braided Fuel Line Kit - 8088 8091
Dual-Quad Progressive Throttle Linkage Kit - - 7094 -
Special order non-returnable product, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Edelbrock Carburetor Recommendation CARB RECOMMENDATIONS: Performer Series #1404, 500 cfm, #1405, 600 cfm, Thunder Series AVS #1803/1804 (500 cfm) Carburetor.
Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: Recommended intake gasket: Edelbrock #7280. Manifold height: A-5.9", B-6.34", measured to engine block; Carb pad height: 6.12". Port exit dimensions: 1.07" x 2.02". For the heights of all Edelbrock manifolds, please visit the the Manifold Reference Dimensions page.

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    50-State Legal
    For Racing Use ONLY
    For Use on Pre-Pollution Controlled Vehicles (PPCV)
    Stock Replacement Part
    Engine Swaps