Edelbrock Intake Manifold Installation Items

Designed specifically for Edelbrock manifolds, these bolt kits feature reduced hex heads for easy wrench access. Features include cadmium finished steel bolt and hardened washers.
Intake Manifold Bolt Kits by Edelbrock
Application Part #
AMC 290-401 c.i.d. 8534
Chevy 262-400 c.i.d. (1986 & earlier only) 8504
Chevy 262-400 c.i.d. with Edelbrock E-Tec or Chevrolet Vortec heads 8516
Chevy 348-409 c.i.d. 8509
Chevy 396-502 c.i.d. 8564
Chrysler 318-360 c.i.d. 8579
Chrysler 383-400-440 c.i.d. 8594
Chrysler 5.7 & 6.1L Late Model HEMI Engines 8528
Ford 260-302 c.i.d. 8524
Ford, Perf. RPM E-Boss 302 and E-Boss 351 8529
Ford 351W c.i.d. 8584
Ford 351M/400 c.i.d. 8574
Ford 351C c.i.d. (#7564 only) 8565
Ford 360-390 c.i.d. (#2105 only) 8508
Ford FE (#7105 only) 8507
Ford FE (#2936 and #2937 only) 8536
Ford 429-460 c.i.d. 8569
Oldsmobile 330-403 c.i.d. (#2711 and #3711 only) 8514
Pontiac 326-455 c.i.d. 8559

Replacement Choke Parts by Edelbrock
Application Part #
Choke Block-Off Plate for #3771 - Ford 351-M/400 (supplied with manifold) 8971
Choke Block-Off Plate - Ford 351-W (supplied with manifolds) 8981
Choke Adapter for #2101, #2104 & #3701 - Small-block Chevy (supplied with manifolds) 8901
Choke Adapter for #3711 & #2151 - Oldsmobile (supplied with manifolds) 8961
Choke Adapter for #2161 - Big-block Chevy (supplied with manifold) 8951

These fiber laminate spacers for Edelbrock 5.0L/5.8L manifolds provide heat insulation between our upper and lower manifolds for a cooler charge and more power. They also raise the upper manifold 1/2" for increased valve cover clearance. Kits include everything you need for your 5.0L/5.8L.
Spacer Kits for Edelbrock 5.0L/5.8L Intake Manifolds by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Kit for Edelbrock manifolds #3821 and #7126 8727
Kit for Edelbrock manifold #2945 & #3887 8728
Kit for Edelbrock manifold #7123 8729

These heater hose ends are designed to hold up to any plumbing task you have. They are made from high quality aluminum to ensure they won't rust or corrode. Their available clear anodized and black finish in a variety of sizes to suit your application.
Heater Hose Fittings by Edelbrock
Application Black Anodized
90° with 3/8" NPT and 3/8" Barb 8167 8168
90° with 3/8" NPT and 1/2" Barb 8163 8164
90° with 1/2" NPT and 3/8" Barb 8169 8177
90° with 1/2" NPT and 5/8" Barb 8178 8179
90° with 1/2" NPT and 1/2" Barb 8180 8182
90° with 1/2" NPT and 3/4" Barb 8165 8166
Straight with 1/4" NPT and 3/8" Barb 8191 8199
Straight with 1/2" NPT and 3/8" Barb 8185 8186
Straight with 3/8" NPT and 3/8" Barb 8117 8188
Straight with 3/8" NPT and 1/2" Barb 8114 8115
Straight with 3/8" NPT and 5/8" Barb 8187 8188
Straight with 1/2" NPT and 1/2" Barb 8119 8121
Straight with 1/2" NPT and 5/8" Barb 8159 8160
Straight with 1/2" NPT and 3/4" Barb 8183 8184

General Installation Items by Edelbrock
Application Part #
Single Barb Carb Fitting (1/4"-18 NPT x 3/8" Barb) 8080
Brass Hose Fitting for SB Chrysler Intake Manifolds (1" I.D. x 3/4"-14" NPT) 8078
Oldsmobile Cast iron Exhaust Crossover Plugs 2733
Application Chrome Black Anodized
Socket Head Pipe Plugs 8-piece Set - (1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" NPT) - 8051 8052
Socket Head Pipe Plug - 1/2" (1 only) - 9126 -
Socket Head Pipe Plugs - 3/8" (1 pair) - 9127 -
Socket Head Pipe Plugs - 1/4" (1 pair) - 9128 -
Socket Head Pipe Plugs - 1/8" (1 pair) - 9129 -

PCV Grommet for use with 1967-1991 OEM and Edelbrock AMC/Jeep intake manifolds by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
PCV Grommet for use with 1967-1991 OEM and Edelbrock AMC/Jeep intake manifolds. 4299

Oil Fill Tube and matching push-in Breather is an original style for vintage manifolds with a 1-1/4" oil breather hole. Included with manifolds #2703, #5408 & #5409. Will also fit #5419, #5425 & flathead intakes.
High Performance GM style Oil Fill Tube with Breather by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Chrome finished GM style Oil Fill Tube with Breather 4803

This hold-down clamp is for small and big-block Chevys. It is constructed of steel with a chrome finish. Kit includes stud, nut and a washer.
Distributor Clamps by Edelbrock
Application Part #
Distributor Clamp (Small-block and Big-block Chevy V8) 4802

Provides (2) bypass hoses, fittings and water neck adapter to plumb from the cylinder heads to the water neck. This is common on circle track 23° high-port, 18°, and 15° heads. NOTE: Not for plumbing front to rear on intake manifolds.
Water Bypass Kit by Edelbrock
Application Part #
Water Bypass Kit 8095

These polished waternecks are a great to finish of your engine. They feature an O-ring design for an improved seal, which also allows for removal without requiring a new gasket. Fits any 1-1/2" diameter outlet hose.
High Performance Polished Waternecks #4816 by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Straight Aluminum (Chevy 4.3L V6, Chevy V8) - 4816
15° Aluminum (Small-Block Ford V8) - 4814
15° Aluminum (Chevy 4.3L V6, Chevy V8) - 4809
45° Aluminum Adjustable (Chevy 4.3L V6, Chevy V8) - 4817
90° Aluminum Adjustable (Chevy 4.3L V6, Chevy V8) - 4818

For use on 1986 and later big-block chevy with EGR, when installing Edelbrock #2161 or #3761 Intake Manifold.
High Performance Waterneck Adapter by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Waterneck Adapter for Big-Block Chevy - 8028

Don't trust your engine to just any hose clamps... Get the ultimate seal with these revolutionary hose clamps. These unique maintenance-free design retain tension and never needs retightening. Plus, they're easy to install and only require an ordinary heat gun. Simply place the clamp over the fittings and hose, then apply heat to seal! They are ideal for preventing leaks on out-of-round applications and conform to any shape of hose, housing or fitting. These hose clamps are made from a heat-sensitive thermoplastic with a memory to prevent over- or under-tightening. Can be used with all brands of silicone hose and are temperature rated from -40°F to 302°F. Sold individually and for use with coolant hose only.
Hose Clamps #8460 by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Hose Clamp (O.D. 1.5" - 1.75") - 8460
Hose Clamp (O.D. 1.75" - 2") - 8461
Hose Clamp (O.D. 2" - 2.25") - 8462

Gasgacinch gasket sealer assures proper sealing of all gaskets used during a manifold installation. It is also effective on water pump, oil pan and valve cover gaskets. Gasgacinch is water and oil resistant and allows easy gasket removal during parts disassembly.
Edelbrock Gasgacinch by Edelbrock
Application Part #
Edelbrock Gasgacinch (4.0 oz.) 9300

This high quality RTV silicone is for use with intake manifold installations. This oil resistant sealant is fastcuring, sensor-safe, low-odor, non-corrosive and meets performance specs of OE silicone gaskets. It also retains high flexibility to prevent leaks and seepage caused by vibration and thermal expansion.
High Temp Silicon Sealant by Edelbrock
Application Part #
RTV Silicone Sealant (1/2 oz.) 1077
RTV Silicone Sealant (3 oz.) 1076

Easy to use A/B epoxy is a two part epoxy that is great for cylinder head and intake modifications. Simply mix the two parts, apply and let cure. Once cured, it can be sanded to shape, drilled and tapped. Wash hands well after handling.
A/B Epoxy by Edelbrock
Application Part #
1 Pound Tube of A/B Epoxy 9290

The following guide is designed to help you determine which Edelbrock components are legal for use on your vehicle. Learn more about Edelbrock Product Emissions Guide.

    50-State Legal
    For Racing Use ONLY
    For Use on Pre-Pollution Controlled Vehicles (PPCV)
    Stock Replacement Part
    Engine Swaps