Edelbrock Pro-Flo 3 EFI Systems

Performance E-Street® 2 EFI Systems by Edelbrock
E-Tuner is Edelbrock's exclusive Android app for any E-Street 2 or Pro-Flo 3 EFI system. You will have the power to control, setup, and monitor your EFI System, directly from an Android phone or tablet. E-Tuner has features to cover the basic setup for a first time start-up, as well as more advanced options to help dial in your EFI system's performance as you drive.

Performance E-Street® 2 EFI Systems by Edelbrock THE MOST ADVANCED EFI TECHNOLOGY ON THE MARKET
Edelbrock's E-Street 2 EFI and Pro-Flo 3 line of fuel injection systems utilize the latest in Bluetooth Mobile Technology - all tuning related function can be done on your Android smart phone or tablet device with the Edelbrock E-Tuner App. The E-Tuner App features an easy to use setup wizard to guide you through the setup process for your specific engine package.

E-Tuner App also includes page specific help files for assistance if needed. Bright and vibrant dash displays in various configurations included to help monitor engine function. E-Tuner App is available free from Google Play Store, Android devices will receive automatic App update notifications as Edelbrock releases updates.

Regardless of your technical or automotive experience, the E-Tuner app's simple Setup Wizard will guide you step-by-step through the entire EFI System startup process. Calibration Maps are already included with E-Tuner to cover almost every engine configuration.
E-Street 2 EFI E-Tuner App by Edelbrock
Use your Android phone or tablet to watch exactly how your engine is performing with live-streaming sensor data, such as : RPM, Throttle, Air Fuel Ratio, Temperatures, AFR Corrections.
E-Street 2 EFI E-Tuner App by Edelbrock
Use your device as a convenient tool & gauge display while you adjust features such as: ignition timing, idle speed, air-fuel ratios and more. All changes are applied in real-time. The Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to watch what's happening, whether you're sitting in the driver seat, or working under the hood.
E-Street 2 EFI E-Tuner App by Edelbrock
E-Tuner is designed to be compatible with both the new E-Street 2 (ECU Serial #'s 3000 and higher) and all current/future Pro-Flo 3 systems.

E-Tuner will automatically identify your system/configuration so the correct information will be displayed.

E-Street 2 EFI E-Tuner App by Edelbrock
E-Tuner can conveniently run on most Android phones & Tablets out on the market*. This gives you more flexibility on how you want to use & display your Edelbrock EFI System. Edelbrock also offers kits that include a 7" Android Tablet.

* E-Tuner fully supports Android versions 4.0 through 5.1 at this time, and is recommended to be used on screen sizes between 5" and 8". For more info on Android device compatibility, go to the Support/Downloads page.

E-Street 2 EFI E-Tuner App by Edelbrock
One simple download will take care of map, firmware, or feature updates. All updates are handled directly from the Google Play Store, and can be automatically downloaded to your device.There is no need to physically transfer files to your device or go through lengthy installation procedures like other EFI Systems out on the market.
E-Street 2 EFI E-Tuner App by Edelbrock
Head over to the Google Play store from you Android device, search for Edelbrock or E-Tuner, and install the app! It's that easy! (you can also go to our "Support" Page to download the app as well)

If you're interested in trying out the E-Tuner app first, run our "DEMO MODE." This will allow you to use most of the app's features without being connected to an Edelbrock EFI System.

Download a printer friendly Warranty and Installation PDF (you will need Acrobat Reader® in order to view this PDF). If you do not have this installed you can download it by clicking the icon.
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