Edelbrock E-Street EFI Systems

Ready to step up from a carburetor to the control and adjustability of a modern Electronic Fuel Injection system, but not ready for the time and hassle needed for a complete multi-point engine management system installation? Get the fuel economy and performance potential of electronic fuel injection with the Edelbrock E-Street EFI system.

Edelbrock E-Street EFI is an all new universal throttle body style fuel injection system. It's ideal for any V8 engine originally equipped with a carburetor and intake manifold with a square-bore 4150 style flange. It features a pre-installed, easy to use, interface on the supplied touch screen tablet PC. This application allows the user to fine tune, make adjustments and monitor system performance without the need of a laptop PC. E-Street EFI offers you the most value for your dollar along with out-of-the-box performance from a name you can trust... Edelbrock!

    Features Include:
  • Ready to run right out of the box with a pre-loaded tune
  • Integrated Wide Band O2 Sensor...
    - Highly accurate monitoring in the 10 - 20 AFR range
  • Dynamic Fuel Control...
    - No tuning experience required
    - Self-learning system will optimize the tune for you
  • Fully assembled and pressure tested throttle body with injectors, fuel rails, linkage and sensors that readily accepts standard air cleaners for a traditional look
  • Includes a fully assembled OEM quality wiring harness with pre-terminated connectors for an easy installation
  • Multiple fuel system options available
  • Compatible with popular ignition systems and distributors
  • Great with large, high overlap cams with low vacuum
  • Easy to use 7" touch screen tablet PC which features...
    - Wireless Connectivity between the ECU and the tablet
    - Capable of controlling two fans
    - Digital gauge cluster for engine monitoring while driving
    - Includes Android operating system for added functionality with downloadable applications and future upgrades
  • System will automatically adjust for future engine upgrades
  • Industry leading dedicated support staff to assist and answer any questions
  • Performs under all weather and altitude conditions

Universal E-Street EFI Systems by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
E-Street Universal EFI System (base system only without fuel supply system) 3600
E-Street Universal EFI System (base system with Return-Style Fuel Kit #3604) 3602
E-Street Universal EFI System (base system with Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit #3605) 3606
Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: This system will require a high pressure EFI compatible fuel delivery system. Fuel delivery kits are available and sold separately. Selecting the right fuel delivery system is critical to the performance of any EFI application. Click the link below to help you select the ideal system for your vehicle and engine combination, to ensure a hassle free installation and the best performance for your vehicle. Edelbrock E-Street EFI Systems Chart

Return-Style Fuel Kits include everything needed to upgrade a carbureted fuel system to a high pressure EFI system, excluding the fuel tank. This kit is a return-style and will complete the fuel system loop by returningunused fuel to the tank. Kit includes a 57 GPH (215 liter/hr) fuel pump, adjustable regulator, filter, Russell Twist-Lok hose, hose ends, mounting brackets and hardware. A baffled fuel tank is recommend to prevent fuel starvation. This system is rated for engines up to 600 HP, when used with an E-Street EFI system. Click Here for Return-Style Fuel Kit installation manual.
Return-Style Fuel System Kits for EFI by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Return-Style Fuel Kit for E-Street or Equivalent EFI System - 3604

Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit is designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with low pressure carbureted fuel systems. It's a complete self-contained system that can be installed under the hood of any vehicle easily. The unique design of this system allows it to deliver a constant fuel pressure of 49 psi or 60 psi, which is necessary to operate an EFI system and will not require a fuel return line. This kit is intended to be used with the existing factory fuel tank and low pressure pump. The kit includes the fuel Sump tank with high pressure pump and regulator pre-installed, wiring harness, mounting bracket, hose, fittings and all of the necessary hardware for installation. This kit can be used with any EFI system requiring constant 49 or 60 psi fuel pressure. Click Here for Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit installation manual.
Universal Fuel System Kits for EFI by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit (60 psi) - 3605
Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit (49 psi) - 3607
Replacement Universal EFI Sump Fuel Tank Only (58 psi) - 36052
Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: View the universal Edelbrock Sump Kit Dimensions. View the Edelbrock Sump Kit Cutaway.

This Supplemental harness Kit is required when installing Edelbrock return-style Fuel Kit #3604 or universal Sump Fuel kit #3605, #3607 and #36052 with E-Street EFI system #3600. This harnesses is not included in the Fuel Sump kits mentioned above. This harness kit is included in the complete E-Street EFI system with Sump Fuel kit #3606. Includes fuel pump relay harness and a fuel sump adapter harness. Failure to use this harness will cause damage to the fuel pump driver in the ECU.
EFI Suplimental Harness Kit by Edelbrock
Application Emissions Part #
Supplemental Harness Kit - 36054

Download a printer friendly Warranty and Installation PDF (you will need Acrobat Reader® in order to view this PDF). If you do not have this installed you can download it by clicking the icon.
Installation Instructions for EFI
The following guide is designed to help you determine which Edelbrock components are legal for use on your vehicle. Learn more about Edelbrock Product Emissions Guide.

    50-State Legal
    For Racing Use ONLY
    For Use on Pre-Pollution Controlled Vehicles (PPCV)
    Stock Replacement Part
    Engine Swaps