Edelbrock Cylinder Heads Approved by NHRA

Cast and heat treated at the Edelbrock Foundry and machined at Edelbrock's manufacturing facility in the USA, Edelbrock heads are the best in quality and performance. All Edelbrock Cylinder Heads are designed from scratch using the latest in computer technology by our own highly skilled engineer's. Using highly efficient ports and state-of-the-art combustion chamber shapes, Edelbrock cylinder heads offer improved performance throughout the rpm range for great throttle response and top-end horsepower. Top-quality features include threaded inserts in rocker stud and exhaust bolt holes for superior strength and durability, and manganese-bronze valve guides with ductile iron valve seats. These are features that some other companies don't include!

Edelbrock's NHRA Accepted High Performance Aluminum Cylinder Heads have been submitted to the NHRA for approval and have been accepted for STOCK/SUPER STOCK Classes where indentified below. They are easily identifiable as they all include the NHRA Oval Logo engraved on both ends of the cylinder head casting, with their specific part number below.

It is up to the racer and/or engine builder to make sure that the runner volume and combustion chamber CC's are no larger or smaller in volume than what their particular engine corrected horsepower is approved by the NHRA Race Committee. The runner and chamber volume CC's listed below are what they are supplied from Edelbrock, not that they are approved for this volume in your particular class.

For example: Chrysler 383-440 B/B V8 # 60917 intake runner volume measures 210cc delivered from Edelbrock, the accepted intake runner volume that is approved by NHRA needs to measure 203cc's.

NOTE: The intake runner volume may require modification to comply with Super Stock class rules. Please check NHRA rulebook for more details.

Performance Aluminum Cylinder Heads Approved by NHRA by Edelbrock
Application Stock Super Stock Intake Port Vol. Exhaust Port Vol. Chamber Size Emissions Bare (Single)
Part #
AMC 343-401 V8 185cc 70cc 54cc 60107
Buick 400-430-455 V8 215cc 65cc 68cc 60037
S/B Chevy 185cc 65cc 70cc 60617
S/B Chevy 185cc 65cc 70cc 60637
S/B Chevy 185cc 65cc 64cc 60887
S/B Chevy 185cc 65cc 64cc 60947
S/B LT1 Chevy (1992-98) 170cc 60cc 54cc 61917
Chevy 396-454 V8 "Oval Port" 290cc 110cc 110cc 60447
Chevy 396-454 V8 "Rect. Port" 315cc 110cc 118cc 60547
Chrysler "LA" 340 V8 171cc 77cc 65cc 60197
Chrysler "LA" 318-360 V8 171cc 77cc 63cc 60767
Chrysler Magnum V8 176cc 75cc 58cc 61767
Chrysler 383-440 V8 210cc 70cc 84cc 60917
Ford 289-351W V8
(1962-81 Stud Mount Rocker)
170cc 60cc 60cc 60217
Ford 289-351W 5.0/5.8L V8 Performer
(1982-95 Pedestal Mount Rocker)
170cc 60cc 60cc 60367
Ford 351 Cleveland V8 190cc 90cc 60cc 61607
Ford FE 390 V8 170cc 125cc 72cc 60057
Ford FE 428 V8 Low/Medium Riser 170cc 125cc 72cc 60058
Ford FE 427 V8 Low/Medium Riser 170cc 125cc 72cc 60087
Ford FE 390-428 V8 170cc 125cc 45cc 61857
Ford 429 / 460 V8 292cc 100cc 75cc 60697
Ford 429 / 460 V8 292cc 100cc 95cc 60687
Ford 429 CJ V8 170cc 100cc 75cc 61657
Oldsmobile 400 / 425 / 455 V8 188cc 106cc 77cc 60517
Pontiac 389-400-455 V8 215cc 175cc 72cc 60587

Edelbrock Tech Note TECH NOTE: Please view Cylinder Head Flow Data and Valve Springs & Retainers for all Edelbrock Performance Aluminum Cylinder Heads.
The following guide is designed to help you determine which Edelbrock components are legal for use on your vehicle. Learn more about Edelbrock Product Emissions Guide.

    50-State Legal
    For Racing Use ONLY
    For Use on Pre-Pollution Controlled Vehicles (PPCV)
    Stock Replacement Part
    Engine Swaps