Performance Camshafts, Lifter Kits & Valvetrain Components

Performance Camshafts  & Lifter Kits by Edelbrock
Edelbrock camshafts are matched to Edelbrock Total Power Package components for proven performance, taking the guesswork out of camshaft selection. They are compatible with OEM or Edelbrock hydraulic roller tappets which reduce friction, virtually eliminate break-in problems, and permit higher valve velocities for increased performance.

Designed for optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range, Performer-Plus camshafts match with Performer manifolds for vehicles operating from off-idle to 5500 rpm. They are smooth idling cams for daily drivers, trucks, vans, RVs and 4x4s. You can expect a major improvement in throttle response and torque...

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Performer-Plus Camshafts by Edelbrock
Designed for street high-performance applications, Performer RPM cams provide power from 1500 to 6500 rpm. These hydraulic lifter camshafts are dyno-matched to Performer RPM manifolds for high-rpm horsepower while still maintaining acceptable low-end torque. With 10 to 12 inches of manifold vacuum at idle, Performer RPM cams have more lift and duration than most street camshafts...

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Performer RPM Camshafts by Edelbrock
Designed to work with Torker II manifolds for performance from 2500 to 6500 rpm, these camshafts are ideal for high-performance street, drag or marine applications. Torker-Plus cams have a slightly rough idle and are not suitable for trucks or towing applications. Hydraulic flat tappet lifters are included with each camshaft...

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Torker II Camshafts by Edelbrock
Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder camshafts are designed to improve horsepower and torque, produce a great sounding performance idle and provide excellent vacuum at idle to support power accessories. Rollin' Thunder camshafts feature more aggressive lift profiles than possible with conventional flat-tappet hydraulic cams, without excessive valve overlap that can compromise low rpm drivability...

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Rollin' Thunder Camshafts by Edelbrock
Download a printer friendly Warranty and Installation PDF (you will need Acrobat Reader® in order to view this PDF). If you do not have this installed you can download it by clicking the icon.
Installation Instructions for Camshafts
Edelbrock Tech Note TECH NOTES: Performer RPM, Torker-Plus and Rollin' Thunder Hydraulic Roller cams are for street high-performance and racing applications only - not for heavy vehicles. Use with Edelbrock Performer RPM heads (or other aftermarket heads), adjustable valvetrain components, screw-in studs, high-performance adjustable rocker arms and at least 9.5:1 compression ratio. Headers, high-energy ignitions, lower-than-stock rear gearing and a high performance torque converter (in auto. transmission equipped vehicles) are necessary.

Our cam warranty will be honored only if the recommended Edelbrock Sure Seat Valve Springs are used. If a warranty problem does arise, the end flap or label from the Edelbrock Sure Seat valve spring box along with store receipt must be sent with the warranty claim. When changing your cam, it's essential to change your timing chain. We recommend Performer-Link True-Roller Timing Sets or Accu-Drive® Cam Gear Drives.